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Beauty and Personal Care

Cosmetic Clinic for skin improvement The Hague

Are you bothered by your acne scars, facial wrinkles or moles? You are welcome at Van Lennep Kliniek for effective and professional treatments. We have two locations in The Hague: Willem Witsenplein 7 and Frederikstraat 70. Our clinic in Oegstgeest is located on De Kempenaerstraat 9. Van Lennep is a professional cosmetic clinic for skin improvement. The cosmetic specialists and skin therapists will help you become the best version of yourself!

Botox or fillers?

There are various treatments against wrinkles that can be effective. The specialist will set up a treatment plan with you. This plan can consist of a Botox treatment, a filler treatment or a combination of the two. Do you prefer a treatment without needles? Then we advise you to look into a HydraFacial. We also offer laser treatments that can be a solution for achieving the desired results. Did you know that our treatments, including lip fillers, are nearly painless.

Reliable laser

Let us elaborate more on the laser treatment. A treatment with the class 4 medical laser is highly reliable. Especially with treatments for mole removal, pigmentation spots, stretch marks, acne, rosacea, wrinkles and couperose, lasering has proven to be effective. The spots/scars will be noticeably reduced and sometimes even disappear entirely. At the same time, the skin as a whole looks a lot younger and healthier.

How does it work? The laser device optimally stimulates the epidermis, while simultaneously new collagen is created in the dermis. Your skin does not only look younger, its elasticity actually improves as well. There are so many things to say about this and other treatments.

Blog for personal stories

We would like to introduce you to the online blog of Van Lennep Kliniek. You will find interesting articles on the impact of the sun on your skin, treatments for men, the personal trainings by cosmetic specialist Ludy Holst, and the Zo Skin Health product range. If you would like to stay up-to-date on all the new developments in the field of cosmetic treatments, please subscribe to the Van Lennep Kliniek newsletter.

Useful advice for free

Would you like to drop by for some helpful advice? This is absolutely free of charge! Please visit our clinic or make an appointment. The Van Lennep Kliniek phone number is +31 (0)70-737 00 88. You can also make an intake appointment by using the online contact form.

Cosmetic Clinic for skin improvement The Hague