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A gangway system which meets all legislations and requirements

When you require a gangway system that is customized to your project, then Gangway Solutions is the right partner for you. This company from the Netherlands has extensive experience in designing, engineering, installation, and commissioning equipment for offshore, oil & gas, and petrochemical industries. They operate at an international scale and all their gangway systems are built according to national, European (Cenelec/ATEX), and American (NEC / UL-codes/ATEX) standards. The gangways from this manufacturer ensure safe access of personnel and crew between ship and shore. Moreover, the systems are explosion-proof. Inquire after the possibilities and be ensured of a high-quality gangway that meets your requirements.

Systems for specific applications and purposes

Gangway Solutions is one of the leading international companies in their industry and provides every client with a tailor-made solution. By professionally designing, producing and delivering modern access gangway systems, the safety of your personnel is guaranteed. Gangways are designed to follow the movements of the ship due to changing tides and changing in the draft during loading and discharge, as well as the ship’s surge, sway, and heave motions. If needed, they deliver their equipment with radiographic remote control systems of the required classification, so your system is fully user-friendly in any situation. Gangways can be built in various forms and for very specific applications. Therefore, Gangway Solutions always builds your system according to strict safety and quality legislations and requirements. Consequently, they test and inspect all their products on their own industrial site.

Contact these specialists to be ensured of the perfect system

Are you looking for a system to provide safe access to, for example, your ship, offshore plant, or petrochemical facility? Or do you need a gangway system for another application? Do not hesitate to contact the specialists from Gangway Solutions to discuss your preferences. They are also happy to recommend the right system in your situation.

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