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A tailer-made ultrapure water system for your company

If you are looking for an ultrapure water system of high-quality for your company, it is wise to call in a professional. An ultrapure water system is suitable for different industries, but of course you want to be assured of the best quality. Iontech® is an innovative company with many years of experience in the field of water technology. One of the advantages is that this machine requires almost no maintenance. Because it only uses electricity, it is therefore a cost-effective system. Are you experiencing some problems, or do you want the machine to be checked for optimal operation? Then they are ready for you with their excellent service.

An environmentally friendly system

An ultra-pure water system is used in various industries. Whether you work in the food industry or pharmaceutical industry: if you want to produce pure water, this system is the perfect solution.There are no chemicals involved making it an environmentally friendly system that is acid sustainable.An EDI ultrapure water system purifies water and removes all unwanted elements, such as gases, ions and organic substances. This is done by means of an applied DC power supply where ions and other elements are separated from the water.

Get in touch with their experts for a tailer-made solution

Would you like to know exactly how an EDI ultrapure water system works? The Iontech® website describes how the system deionizes water and you have to do for it. Because this company has years of experience, it is also possible to have an ultrapure water system tailor-made for your company. Every industry is different, and they are happy to give you expert advice for the best solution.If you have any questions of when you want more information about the possibilities, you can contact one of their specialists at any time of the day. They are available 24/7 and 365 days per year.


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