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Accurate analyses with a biogas analyser

Are you in need of a biogas analyser? Then you will need one of high quality and accuracy. Where can you find such an analyser? GAS is a company based in the Netherlands and specialises in easy-to-operate and fully automated biogas analysers. They have them available in various configurations. This way you can use them for a variety of applications. They can offer you the CompactGC or the Thermo Trace GC 1300. This specialist offers you everything you need to analyse biogases. Are you looking for an analyser with a single valve or a detector instrument? Or are you looking for a comprehensive multichannel variant? Let their specialists know what you are looking for and they are more than happy to help you.

Analyse all kinds of components with the right biogas analyser

GAS offers a biogas analyser to analyse all kinds of components. Do you need to be able to analyse methane, hydrogen sulfide, permanent gases or carbon dioxide? The biogas analyser from GAS is the perfect instrument to do this with. Biogas production also creates additional components that you want to analyse. If this is the case, you can get a biogas analyser with extended analysis options. Additional components can be created depending to the type of operation conditions, production processes, or feedstock. This company offers integrated Calorific Value calculation in a Chromatography Data System to help you analyse these components.

Use their services for optimal results

When you get your biogas analyser from this specialist, then make sure to use their additional services to get the most out of your instruments. They offer the hardware, such as the biogas analyser, but also offer various interesting services. You can get technical training, application support and you can use their demolab. Are you interested in their products and services? Do you have questions? Just give them a call and they will give you all the information you need.


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