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How does a bespoke belt dryer work?

A belt dryer can be used to dry matters with a high moisture level. The machine uses low value and/or residual heat to dry matters. This makes a belt dryer one of the more ecological options for companies, as it requires less energy than machines working with high-value heat. In other words, this sustainable solution requires minimal drying capacity against maximum outcome. A belt dryer ensures optimal quality and quick delivery, whatever matter you wish to dry. This is the thermal drying system every company in the business should own, whether you are located in the Netherlands or in Serbia.

Procedures of a working belt dryer

When using a belt dryer, it starts with putting the to be dried material on a moving conveyor belt. This belt makes sure the matter is transported into a cabin where a flow of hot air is being sucked through the material in order to dry it. Even air that has a temperature of 50 °C is sufficient to achieve an amazing result. After this, the moisture level of the matter has been reduced, making it a usable and dry product. The experts of Dutch Dryers BV are more than happy to design your very own bespoke belt dryer to achieve effective energy management and consistent quality. Think of tailor-made conveyor belts, combinations with drum dryers, or any other alteration that results in a better end result: dry matter.  

Do not wait any longer for a good drying result

Are you in need of a proper assessment for a bespoke belt dryer? Dutch Dryers BV provides companies across Europe, from the Netherlands to Serbia, with drying solutions. Discuss the possibilities for your business case with one of the experts. They are more than happy to provide you with a clear quote for your solution. More information can be found on the website or make sure to call them if you have any remaining questions.


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