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Supplements to reduce calcium deficiency in dairy cows are shipped worldwide

Do you have milk cows in Argentina? Or do you produce Swiss cheese? Wherever your farm is based, Kimtec International ships high quality supplements to reduce calcium deficiency in dairy cows to farms all over the world. With a hands-on mentality this company is always trying to find the best way to improve their supplements…

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Environmental friendly forklift weighing scales

There are a lot of options for your distribution company to work more environmental friendly. One of the most innovative ways is the use of 100% recyclable forklift weighing scales manufactured by RAVAS. These innovative mobile scales save you money, time and manpower, while being 100% recyclable. This means that, when worn out, the forklift…

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A steady structure with a Tuned Mass Damper

Oscillation accurs easily on slender structures. Think about bridges, flagpoles, flares, stacks, chimneys and distillation columns are just a few examples. With a Tuned Mass Damper you reduce the oscillation. This makes the particular building less vulnerable to cross wind loads, waves and earthquakes. Flow Engineering is your partner in delivering a high quality Tuned…

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How to fil in US tax returns in the Netherlands?

Would you like to receive tax advice for expats by Witlox International Tax Advice? Sensible choice, because you might be aware of the fact that you are required to fill out your US tax returns in the Netherlands. There are several things that you need to take under consideration while doing this. For instance, are…

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Wave radar development by a professional

Radac manufactures and develops wave a wave radar system that can monitor tide, waves and water levels. Radac is a Dutch company, based in Delft. The company has a wide variation of clients. For example; their client base is made up of offshore wind farm operators, port operators, oil companies, international project developers, shipping companies…

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With Dutch ingenuity the best custom works boats are built

By choosing a Dutch company for producing your custom works boats, you are sure of a wonderful result. After all, The Netherlands are known all over the world for their amazing ability to protect their country against the sea. It is therefore no surprise that you will find some of the best custom works boats…

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Using magnesium hydroxide in creating flame retardant materials in an environmental friendly way

In whatever industry you might work: taking care of the environment is always of major importance. More and more countries and individual people alike, start to realize that our carbon footprint needs to be greatly reduced in order to guarantee a better tomorrow for future generations. Even the industrial sector is starting to take steps…

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Looking for tailor made natural firelighters? Ask for advice from a specialist!

When you buy your fire related products, it’s advisable to buy them at Fire-Up International. This specialist in natural firelighters makes it possible to buy them under your own private label. Major private labels as well as minor private labels are welcome to order all products they need. Need to buy many briquettes? Or different…

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Smart solutions for maritime technology

Brand-independent solutions and experienced engineers for complete system integration: Bakker Sliedrecht has been the lead player in the electrical installations field within maritime engineering for more than 90 years. Reliable tailor-made solutions that ensure the optimal lifetime of all your electrical systems and automation systems. With broad expertise, extensive service and custom solutions, Bakker Sliedrecht…

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5 Places You Should Visit in Aberdeen

At the edge of the north east coast, an ancient city stands tall and proud. It is the third most populous city in Scotland. Aberdeen is a beautiful city with a vast tapestry of culture, charms, and several places to go. This is an ideal city to visit for a chance to spend your vacations…

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