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The best products to increase milk production in cows and prevent milk fever

You have probably heard of milk fever in cows – a dangerous condition that mostly occurs during the calving period when your cows need to increase their milk production in order to feed their calves. To prevent milk fever, Kimtec International has developed different feed supplements that are mainly used in the dry and transition period of your cattle. By optimizing their feed in this period, they gain sufficient amounts of calcium to counter any kind of shortage in the calving period. In this way, you can prevent casualties caused by milk fever. In addition, you simply take care of the welfare of your animals!

Which product from the range suits your needs best?

Kimtec International has developed multiple products that should help to increase milk production in cows without negatively impacting their immune system. After all, animal welfare is one of the most important aspects when developing the products. One of the best products to increase milk production in cows, is the KatAn product line which consists of highly effective ammonium chloride elements. To increase its palatability and thus its assimilation by the cows, Kimtec International uses its renowned Masktech technique. This neutralizes the foul taste of the chloride elements, so your cows digest the supplements in a better way.

Make sure to contact the experts for more information

Would you like to know more about the possibilities that may increase milk production in your cows, for example feed supplements? The experts over at Kimtec International are more than happy to help you discover all their products and decide which is most suitable for your animals. It is even possible to commission them to develop an entirely new product that is completely tailored to the needs and wishes of your cattle. Simply send them a message or give them a call to voice your interest in their feed supplements. You can find the contact information on their website.


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