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This company provides you with reliable and high-quality cryogenic valves

Red Point is a true specialist when it comes to cryogenic valves for many different applications and in various industries. Are you looking for specific cryogenic valves for your own applications? Then you can count on the best quality and a tailor-made solution at this company. This type of valves is needed to keep cryogenic gasses secure and safely contained and is made to withstand temperatures that are well below 100⁰F. In order to withstand these extremely cold temperatures, accurate safety and quality regulations are necessary. Red Point takes all the relevant regulations into account and guarantees your company the safest solutions. Are you interested in high-quality cryogenic valves? Make sure you discover the most suitable solutions for your company.

A wide range of valves

The valves for cryogenics that are produced by Red Point are designed in accordance to industrial standards like BS6364, MSS SP-134 and ISO28921-1. Moreover, they are selected and tested on the basis of the cryogenic temperature range and other cold temperatures. Preventing leaks is also an important requirement of high-quality cryogenic valves. The combinations of qualities of the valves from Red Point make these products the best choice to guarantee a well-functioning system. Other valves that are produced and delivered by this company are ball, check, gate, globe, double block and bleed and tailor-made valves. The valve size range is 1/2” up till 24” and they can be delivered in pressure classes 150-4500 lbs (PN6-PN400).

Benefit from short delivery times

Do you need customized cryogenic valves? Make sure that you discuss all your requirements and benefit from the best solution for your processes. Ask for more information about the Red Point products and inquire after the possibilities. The products from Red Point are of European origin and can be supplied directly from an extensive stock. Therefore, all valves can be supplied with extremely short delivery times, which ensures a quick application or repair.


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