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Do not skip the Rembrandt House Museum when coming to Amsterdam! Get your tickets now!

With more than 30 years of hands-on experience, Tours & Tickets is the place to be for tickets and day tours in the Netherlands and Belgium. They are located in the bustling city centre of the Dutch capital and are always glad to help. In Amsterdam, many tourists walk past buildings that have an incredible history. The Rembrandt House Museum is a museum which houses drawings and etches of the master himself built next to one of his old houses in Amsterdam. A visit to this amazing attraction will show you the Amsterdam of the 17th century and how people, including Rembrandt, lived their lives.

Are you spending time in Amsterdam? Have you ever been to the Rembrandt House? Do not miss out!

Tourists that come to Amsterdam are treated to beautiful canals, canal boats and ancient structures. Many of the structures in Amsterdam are centuries old and tell a variety of stories. Perhaps Amsterdam’s most famous resident ever, Rembrandt van Rijn, has left a definitive mark on the Dutch capital. Nowadays, the Rembrandt House Museum is located in one of his former residences in the centre of Amsterdam. In this museum, a large collection of drawings and around 250 etches are on display. Tours & Tickets is a Dutch company specialised in tours, museums and all sorts of activities. They are the place to go to if you want to visit attractions in the Netherlands.

Looking for a fascinating activity in Amsterdam? Come to the Rembrandt House Museum in Amsterdam

Everybody who is interested in art knows that Rembrandt van Rijn is one of the most famous painters to have ever lived. Rembrandt spent a lot of time in Amsterdam and by visiting the Rembrandt House, you can get an idea of how he lived in the Dutch capital in the 17th century. The museum houses more than 250 etches and drawings. This tour changes the way people see Amsterdam! Buy your ticket at the expert to ensure a good experience. Tours & Tickets have been working in the activity and day tour business for more than 30 years and give advice to tourists coming to Amsterdam and the Netherlands.

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