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Rely on professional assistance in filling out the Dutch M-form from this company near Nijmegen

If you, as an expat, need some additional assistance in filing your tax return, a specialist from Witlox International Tax Advice will be more than happy to assist you. This company near Nijmegen specializes in all matters that expats have to arrange during their stay in the Netherlands, such as filling out the Dutch M-form. You are required to use this form if you have not lived in the Netherlands all year round. Completing the form can be quite a struggle, as it is published in the Dutch language. Seeking reliable and professional advice from this company can therefore save you a lot of time and effort.

Get in touch with an expert in expat taxing to take care of the entire M-form

Do you have an expat visa because you are working for a Dutch company and did you not spent the entire year in the Netherlands? If this is the case, you can unfortunately not file your taxes digitally and have to use the M-form instead. This Dutch M-form can be downloaded from the government’s website, but it is recommendable to get in touch with this expert near Nijmegen. The employees can tell you more about the taxing rules in the Netherlands and will fill out the form for you. This way, you are assured that all your details are filled out correctly.

Download the questionnaire online

It is good to know that you are allowed to file your taxes digitally if you have spent the entire tax year within the Dutch borders. In all other cases, you can request a questionnaire at this company near Nijmegen to have their experts complete the Dutch M-form. With this questionnaire, they will collect the required information in order to file your tax return. This questionnaire can also be downloaded from Witlox International Tax Advice’s website. By using their professional services, you no longer have to arrange anything yourself and enjoy a carefree tax return!


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