6 Famous coffee consumption ways in the world

A relationship between a person and a coffee is quite deep and personal. The way people like to consume coffee depends on their culture or personal preferences. Cultures have a great impact on the way in which coffee is consumed by the people of that specified social group. The world is full of cultures that are quite different from one another. Here are the ways in which coffee is consumed in different parts of the world.

  1. Café Des Epices (Morocco)

The Moroccan people are considered as the biggest lovers of coffee. This is why they love to include several variations when it comes to the consumption of coffee. They have created a dish that is quite unique and famous within their social groups. This drink is made with the combination of nutmeg, black pepper, and sesame seeds.

  1. Egg coffee (Vietnam):

It may seem weird for some people to include an egg in the cup of their coffee but this is something quite famous and desirable in Vietnam. The drink is made with the inclusion of condensed milk, sugar, egg yolk, cheese, and butter. This is commonly consumed at the time of breakfast.

  1. Pharisaer (Germany):

This is a common drink that is consumed after dinner by most of the Germans. This is made especially with the combination of coffee beans that are grown in the clay pot. Also, they are cooked on the naked flame and served with the combination of cinnamon sticks. Some variations may also include sugar and piloncillo.

  1. Kan Kohi (Japan):

Japan is considered as a country that is highly developed. The concept of using canned foods are quite common in Japan. This is why they introduced a concept of canned coffee beans and the name Kan Kohi is given to them. Usually, they are served cool. However, in colder periods, they also serve it hot.

  1. Buna (Ethiopia):

The variations of the coffee are incomplete without the name of Ethiopia as it is considered as the home of coffee beans. Buna is a process of refining and shaping coffee in its final form. The families of the Ethiopia comes together around the open fires and they brew, grind and roast the coffee beans.

  1. Turkish coffee (Turkey):

Turkish coffee is quite famous for being strong. People like to have their coffee quite strong than the people of other countries. They also love to have it with espresso shots that are in the form of syrup either black or with white milk.

There are dozens of other coffee variations that can be included in the above list. The regions of these variations include Kaffeost in Finland, café Lagrimas in Argentina and much more. There are several instruments used in the creation of different types of coffee like Tassimo pod holders that are made of a best quality material to provide you with the maximum facility.

6 Famous coffee consumption ways in the world