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Healthcare insurance for expat

Are you coming to the Netherlands from abroad to work here for a certain period? Then there are various things that you must remember. For example, it is important that you take out Dutch healthcare insurance so that your medical costs are covered. Everyone who (temporarily) lives in the Netherlands is obliged to at least have basic insurance. This is used to reimburse the most essential medical care, so that if you are ill or have an accident, you will not be faced with any unpleasant financial surprises. There are many health insurers to choose from, but HollandZorg has developed special healthcare insurance for expats.

HollandZorg convenience

At HollandZorg we understand that working and living in a different country raises many uncertainties. Much needs to be arranged and not everything is self-evident. That is why we want to make taking out insurance as simple as possible for you. We also offer the possibility of terminating your insurance when you leave the country and reactivating it when you come back. HollandZorg offers various supplementary insurance policies over and above the basic insurance. You can take this out if you want to be reimbursed for treatments that are not covered by the basic insurance. Any children that you have under the age of 18 years are always insured together with you, free of charge.

EHIC card

You are normally given a health card when you take out healthcare insurance. It contains your personal details, as well as your insurance details. At HollandZorg, your health card also counts as your EHIC card. This will entitle you to essential medical care if you stay in a country in Europe. However, the reimbursements that you will receive do differ from one country to the next. You will find more information on this on the European Commission website. We will, of course, gladly help you to find the right health carer. Feel free to contact HollandZorg so that we can answer your questions.

Healthcare insurance for expat