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Homes in the UK that are entirely dependent on electricity

20% of UK homes are entirely dependent on electricity The UK has over 25 million homes of which 80% are powered by gas. That means 5 million homes rely solely on electricity for power. This number continues to rise due to the rapidly increasing number of solar PV panels installed. This explains the continuing popularity…

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Reduce energy consumption by fitting an ECO boiler

As energy prices have risen over the last decade people are economizing by installing energy-friendly appliances. A energy-efficient ECO boiler is a clever way of reducing your energy bill. With people becoming more and more environmentally conscious purchasing an ECO water heater is becoming increasingly popular. An ECO electric water heater has a high insulation…

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Why buy an Electric Central Heating boiler?

If you want to replace gas for renewable energy by installing solar panels than an electric boiler is the perfect solution for you. Save money and the planet by switching to renewable energy. Check the Elterm electric system boiler collection: electric heating boiler In case you do not have gas or you are dependent on electricity…

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Ariston Velis, a renowned electric water heater range

In 1962 Ariston commenced producing electric boiler. Today Ariston is recognised as one of the leading brands in the global market selling in over 150 countries globally. In the last ten years they have faced some tough competition by rival brands as Wesen. Wesen is now considered a very reliable and cheaper alternative with some…

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Buy an electric water heater

Are you looking for a reliable electric water heater? Just go to Waterheaterstore.co.uk We sell high quality, highly dependable water heaters at wholesale prices. The brand: Lemet We only sell Made in the EU electric water heaters. Lemet is manufactured in Poland since the seventies. They are sold all over Europe. They have the regular…

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