Ariston Velis, a renowned electric water heater range

In 1962 Ariston commenced producing electric boiler. Today Ariston is recognised as one of the leading brands in the global market selling in over 150 countries globally. In the last ten years they have faced some tough competition by rival brands as Wesen.

Wesen is now considered a very reliable and cheaper alternative with some innovative features such as the Power button (fire up all elements to reduce the time to heat up water by approximately 50%) and sheathed heating elements (no longer any corrosion on these elements because the heating elements are no longer in contact with water). 

Features of both Wesen Silver Flat, Wesen Inox Flat and Ariston Velis

10.6” deep the Ariston has very slim design yet Wesen is even slimmer with 9.48” in depth for the Wesen Silver Flat and only 10.31” for the Wesen Inox Flat. Wesen has 2 tanks manufactured of Inox Steel causing little to no corrosion. The Ariston has just regular steel tanks.

PUR foam helps retain the water temperature for a longer period of time and the ECO controller on both Ariston Velis models and Wesen models save a considerable amount of energy consumed by the heating of the elements.

A unique feature on the 50, 80 and 100 litre models (and soon also available on all other Wesen models) are the sheathed heating elements safeguarding Wesen electric boilers from calcification on the heating elements. See the 80 litre Wesen Silver Flat for instance for full specifications:

The entire range of electric boilers

If you want to compare the Ariston Velis storage water heaters with the competitive models from Wesen the Inox Flat and Silver Flat please go to our webpage: Surely the technical information with the discerning features of Wesen will make you decide to go for Wesen instead of Ariston.


Ariston Velis, a renowned electric water heater range