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Are you looking for a reliable electric water heater? Just go to We sell high quality, highly dependable water heaters at wholesale prices.

The brand: Lemet

We only sell Made in the EU electric water heaters. Lemet is manufactured in Poland since the seventies. They are sold all over Europe. They have the regular range: Greenline and the Ecoway range.

The Ecoway range has a self-learning eco function that adjusts and programs your hot water supply to your specific needs saving energy considerably in the process. A Lemet Greenline or Ecoway electric water heater is suitable for houses, offices, gyms, sport clubs and industrial buildings.

Electric water heaters with a smaller capacity of 5, 10 or 30 litres are great for boats, caravans, rv’s or your holiday home. All Lemet water heaters are CE-marked and come with a 2-year warrantee.

The brand Wesen

Wesen has been producing water heaters for over 25 years in Spain. If you are looking for a more affordable alternative to an Ariston then look no further. It is the same quality and is also built according to the latest in technology.

Two tanks reduce heating time cutting your energy use substantially. The inox steel tanks have zero corrosion, so you no longer require to replace your anodes.

No corrosion also means your electric water heater will last for longer. Wesen offers 5 year guarantee on corrosion of the tank and 2 years on all other parts.

We carry both the high quality Wesen inox Flat series and the equally high quality Wesen Silver Flat series. Check out: Waterheaterstore Wesen – Ariston for the entire range of Wesen products.

Advantages of our electric water heaters:

  • Very compact, so it can be installed almost anywhere;

  • Easy to install;

  • High electric heater power;

  • No carbon monoxide emission;

  • No oxygen consumption;

  • Low maintenance;

  • offers reliable water heaters at a great price;

  • We supply both consumers and trade;

  • You can order online 24/7;

  • 2 year guarantee.

Buy an electric water heater