Homes in the UK that are entirely dependent on electricity

20% of UK homes are entirely dependent on electricity

The UK has over 25 million homes of which 80% are powered by gas. That means 5 million homes rely solely on electricity for power. This number continues to rise due to the rapidly increasing number of solar PV panels installed.

This explains the continuing popularity of electric boilers and the rise in sales of electric system boilers to heat the house. Plus the public is becoming increasingly aware of the environment. They are looking for alternatives for gas as gas production causes pollution.

Homes that solely run on electricity use this electricity for all electrical appliances. Plus for cooking and heating. Electricity is as we know much more expensive than gas. So heating your house and electric boiler with electricity is relatively expensive. So any savings on powering your electric boiler will be more than welcome.

Low energy consumption with an eco water heater

We have a very interesting collection of highly efficient electric water heaters, thanks to superior insulation and an intelligent eco controller. If you want to save on energy you should seriously consider switching to an eco electric water heaters.   

Install solar panels to become totally self-sufficient

The past years many people have had solar panels installed to become self-supporting in terms of electricity. Government grants and subsidies have stimulated people to go for solar power. 

Benefits of going solar:

  • Become self-supporting in terms of electricity

  • Lower your energy bill

  • Use solar power to supply your electric water heater
  • Act more environmentally responsible by using solar energy

You could also become self-sufficient and have your house powered with solar energy. If you don’t have a gas link-up and have solar panels. Or you are planning to purchase solar panels then an electric system boiler would make total sense to heat your house.   

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Homes in the UK that are entirely dependent on electricity