Reduce energy consumption by fitting an ECO boiler

As energy prices have risen over the last decade people are economizing by installing energy-friendly appliances. A energy-efficient ECO boiler is a clever way of reducing your energy bill. With people becoming more and more environmentally conscious purchasing an ECO water heater is becoming increasingly popular.

An ECO electric water heater has a high insulation value and has therefore very little heat loss. The ECO controller ensures minimal leaking of electricity. It also gauges the water temperature periodically and only warms the water when necessary to keep its optimum temperature. See our complete range online

We currently have two brand on our website that offer eco boilers. 1 brand is Lemet from Poland, a brand that has been producing reliable water heaters since the late seventies. The other brand is Wesen. A spanish manufacturer that offers high quality, innovative water heaters.

The characteristics of LEMET Ecoway electric water heaters;

  • A program that checks your hot water consumption in the first 2 weeks and then sets a program automatically. An easy way to save energy

  • The ECO function helps lower electrical losses significantly reducing your energy consumption   

Wesen offers two series; the Inox Flat and the Silver Flat electric water heater. Either are equally energy-friendly. Here are the characteristics for a Wesen:

  • An energy-efficient ECO controller with an intelligent thermostat enables you to set a precise temperature. The controller only warms when it needs to be gauging the temperature.

  • PUR foam that preserves heat perfectly. Reducing the times the water heater needs to warm up

Soon a new range of energy-friendly Wesen ECO water heaters will be launched with an energy label B.

If you want to minimize your ecological footprint and reduce your energy bill an ECO water heater is a serious option to consider. Head to our website and see all the available options. 

Reduce energy consumption by fitting an ECO boiler