Why buy an Electric Central Heating boiler?

If you want to replace gas for renewable energy by installing solar panels than an electric boiler is the perfect solution for you. Save money and the planet by switching to renewable energy. Check the Elterm electric system boiler collection: electric heating boiler

In case you do not have gas or you are dependent on electricity consider purchasing an electric system boiler. It is a very compact sized unit, very low in maintenance, does not require annual servicing and emits zero carbon monoxide.

Advantages of an central heating boiler

• No costly, annual servicing;

Very low maintenance;

• High efficiency of 99.5% with practically no loss of heat;

• Adjustable to 33/66 or 100% power output;

• Zero chance of carbon monoxide poisoning;

• You do not require a flue gas outlet;

• Small and compact;

Easy to install;

• Perfect solution in combination with solar panels;


Perfect to heat your house

An Electric central heating boiler is only to heat your house and does not provide your house with hot water. It can easily be connected onto your existing radiators or floor heating system. For hot water purchase a separate electric water heater. Always consult an electrician before purchasing 

Make sure you have sufficient power available for you electric combi boiler on your existing circuit board by consulting an electrician. It might be necessary to alter the fuses slightly to free up sufficient power. The 6 (32A fuse) and 4kW (20A fuse) model can be connected to your normal power supply without problem. Electric heating boilers of 9kW or more will require power current.

Here’s a useful chart to help you choose the right capacity. The square meters are based on a room height of no more than 7’9”(2.4 metres).

Output Surface    Output Surface

  • 4 kW -> 50 m2    12 kW -> 150 m2
  • 6 kW -> 70 m2    18 kW -> 220 m2
  • 9 kW -> 110 m2   24 kW -> 300 m2

For the entire range please consult Electric Central Heating Boiler

Why buy an Electric Central Heating boiler?