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An instant water heater; a compact unit that supplies warm water instantly

An instant water heater supplies hot water instantly at the point of use eliminating long pipe runs. You no longer have the necessity to connect to a centrally located hot water storage heater for hot water supply. The instantaneous water heater is unvented. It is a compact unit that is available as an over sink…

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Are you looking for an electric water heater?

Are you looking for an electric water heater? We carry electric water heaters from Lemet, Wesen, Wijas and Ariston. All our water heaters are reliable, manufactured in the EU, have a EU quality mark and come with a 2 year guarantee, depending on which brand you’ve chosen. All our water heaters are attractively priced  and…

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Muizen Bestrijden

Muizen Bestrijden. written by: writermnoma13 Insects position great deals of problems for property and human beings. Among the many parasites, computer mice are animals that trigger havoc for every physical body. If it is an instance of a couple of troubles, it does not issue. However when it is inquiry of hundreds and thousands, it…

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