Are you looking for an electric water heater?

Are you looking for an electric water heater?

We carry electric water heaters from Lemet, Wesen, Wijas and Ariston. All our water heaters are reliable, manufactured in the EU, have a EU quality mark and come with a 2 year guarantee, depending on which brand you’ve chosen. All our water heaters are attractively priced  and are made to the latest specifications. We have a vast range, so you are bound to find a water heater that fits your requirements.

Our website offers you any solution for your hot water needs. With the handy boiler selector you fill in your specific details to have an idea what capacity electric water heater you need.

We also carry instant water heaters. Ideal for supplying your kitchen tap or bathroom tap with hot water. An instant water heater will heat the water up to 54 degrees celsius. As it is a compact unit you can easily install it under your sink in a cabinet. So it will be out of sight.

We have also recently introduced the latest in electric central heating boilers, also known as electric cv boilers, from the high quality, EU manufactured brand Eltherm. A great alternative to your normal gas-fired unit. Do bear in mind an electric cv boiler is only suitable for your heating your house not for heating water. Not for hot water. An electric unit, however, can easily be installed on your existing central heating system with the radiators or floor heating you currently use.  

Advantages of a electric cv boiler over a gas-fired cv boiler:

  • Replace gas for electricity, so you can run your house entirely on green, renewable energy

  • Low maintenance

  • No annual servicing, so low in running cost

  • No flue gas outlet required

  • No carbon monoxide emission, so zero chance of carbon monoxide poisoning

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Are you looking for an electric water heater?