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Magnetfishing can be dangerous

After years of cans and screwdrivers fishing out of the water, a group of magnetic anglers suddenly had something completely different hanging out of their rod on Thursday night: the four friends fished a training bomb from the Endovens Canal.

The boys have been doing magnetic fish for years, but they didn’t get beyond small screws and cans. Until a few weeks ago they bought a stronger magnet. Thursday night the friends found two empty safes at the bottom of the canal in Eindhoven. Not much later they fished the bomb out of the water.

Bazooka grenade?

Jimmy found the bomb by using the best fishing magnet to buy together with two friends. Further on there was Teun. “A friend shouted that I had to come and see it,” he says.” Normally there’s some kind of tail on a grenade, but that wasn’t the case now. Very strange, and also very exciting, because you don’t know what you’re dealing with”.

So the boys immediately took distance. “We stood meters away and called the police. Then an expert came to take a look. At first he thought it was a bazooka grenade for World War II tanks,” says Teun.

A little later, the Explosives Clearance Service of the Ministry of Defence (EOD) examined the bomb and it turned out to be a practice specimen. So it was harmless, because there was no gunpowder in it.