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Phytoplankton is a great source of omega 3 for dogs

Are you looking for an additional way to support your pet? Then you should consider buying phytoplankton for dogs. This healthy supplement contains a lot of important nutrients, such as omega 3. This nutrient is hard to get from regular dog food. You could think to give your pet some fish oil to compensate for this, but that is never a good idea. Fish oil can be highly toxic to pets. Therefore it is much better to purchase phytoplankton for dogs. This contains just as much omega 3 as fish oil, but is safe to give to pets. Of course, a balanced diet remains important too. It can fill the nutritional void left by specific foods, but does not replace them. The supplement simply provides some additional nutrients to your beloved pet that help him or her thrive.

The benefits that phytoplankton and omega 3 have for dogs

You might wonder why it is so beneficial to give your pet additional omega 3. The answer is simple: it has many health benefits, partially thanks to the anti-inflammatory characteristics. This means that dogs with arthritis, skin irritations and other diseases and conditions linked to inflammation can greatly benefit from this supplement. But even healthy dogs benefit from a phytoplankton product that is especially made for them. It will boost their overall immunity, making your healthy dog even stronger, happier and more energetic. What more could you possibly want for your pet?

Purchase your phytoplankton from this specialist

Do you want to buy a phytoplankton product for dogs? Then you should visit the web shop of Mr. Ros. This company offers various phytoplankton products for humans and pets alike. The phytoplankton in their products is even sustainable. It comes from farms in the Netherlands in pure water where it only needs sunlight to grow. This way, you not only do yourself and your pet a favor, but the environment too.