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Advertising Photographer Netherlands

As in any country there are many professional photographers in The Netherlands. If you are looking for a professional photographer then you don’t nessecarily need to look for him or her in the Amsterdam area, but also a bit further afield near the city of Zwolle in the north east of the country. It is there where the photography studio STUDIOVHF is based. The studio is owned by advertising photographer Vincent Hartman and employs two photographers and a photography student.

STUDIOVHF is a very versatile photo studio. In the studio itself the photofgraphers photograph products within the fixed infinitywall or on the product table. The studio is also a great place for model, fashion and beauty shoots and portraits. On location the company is active in the field of interior photography, corporate and industrial photography and editorial photography. Also most of the advertising photography is done on location.

Advertising Photography

Advertising photography assingments come from advertising agencies and marketing communication departments from various industries. The image above is one out of a series of photos for a manufacturer of office seating. The image is illustrating a modern home office environment. For this job we hired 2 models for the day and searched for the right environment. The stylist made sure that clothing, hair and accessories were in line with the atmosphere we were looking for. Similar images van be seen via the following youtube link:

Interior Photographer Netherlands

Interior photography is one of the most important specialisations of STUDIOVHF and interior photographer Vincent Hartman is hired for various jobs throughout the country. The photographer works for architecs and designers, design and build companies and estate agents for commercial property. The images are made with a high resolution camera and high-end tilt-shift lenses. Both analogue (adding light) and digital techniques (dynamic range increase) are used to control contrast and colour to generate images with good detail in both highlights and shadows. 

When photographer Vincent Hartman took a break from his photography career, he worked in the UK office interiors industry for aproximately 11 years and lived there 5 years. So you can be assured to have professional communication with his studio.

We invite you to have a look at the online portfolio and are looking forward to hearing from you.


Advertising Photographer Netherlands

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