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Make it difficult for the thief

We know quite a bit about how burglars are doing when
they break into apartments and villas, so we can do it harder for them by making sure we have good locking devices and hard-framed doors and windows.

If you want to have advise on which locks that are suitable for you and your home, book an appointment with us at Locksecure.nl today and we will give you our professional opinion. 

When thieves break into villas and townhouses they choose in 60% of cases to enter window road. When they break in
apartments are corresponding figure 40%.
The most common method is to crush windows, insert a hand and
then open the window.

In case of burglary in a villa and townhouse, the thief goes in 20% of the cases via a window door which is also a comfortable way out for the thief if he has already entered that way. He can easily carry out bulky items without to attract too much attention.

Prevent the thief
When the thief enters a window, he usually does not want to crawle out through a window. It’s easier to get a lot of stolen items out if he goes out via a door. If he does not come out
through the door he chooses in the first place the balcony and then the window. 

Hire serious professionals
Always be sure to hire serious professionals when you need burglary protection.
Lock: Look at the internet under the heading Locksmith and your city, for example “Locksmith Rotterdam“. Make sure to investigate the locksmith company before you hire them to make sure that they are professional. If you hire us at Locksecure.nl you can trust that you are hiring a professional locksmith!


Security doors and grid windows:
Always check with the door manufacturer that the door / gate is approved.

Alarm: There are many who sell burglary alarm systems. The alarm system should always be fitted by one approved construction company.

A home-secured and away-secured locking

A home-secured locking means that you can open the door from the inside without a key. This is very important in case you need to vacate the home fast even without access to a key,
for example in case of fire. 

An away-secured locking means that you can not unlock the door from the inside without a key. The purpose of this is that the burglaries should not be able to open the door to be able to forsake tongue and bulky things.

Make it difficult for the thief

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