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What accessories for your custom RIB boats do you need?

RIB boats come in all shapes and sizes. This means that every boat is unique and that they all serve another purpose. At Euro Offshore BV, choose between RIB boats in sizes from 7, up to 12 metres, and accessorize by having jockey seats or aluminium roll bars installed. These, and other accessories, will make…

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Composite strapping produced by professional company

Composite strapping is indispensable for every transport sector. Composite strapping guarantees a safe transport of your products. Are you in need of composite strapping or other product to keep your cargo safe during transportation? Then it’s highly recommended to contact a professional business that is specialized in cargo lashing and containerization. Cordstrap is that kind…

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Vacuum handling

Vacuum handling enables you to handle heavy loads with the use a vacuum. Aerolift has vacuum handlers for all kinds of loads, like concrete, paperrolls or metal. With Aerolift vacuum lifters, your options handling are practically endless. Next to lifting loads you can rotate, turn and move your load with exact precision and without damage to…

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Tree pruning

Are you ready for an all-in-one solution for tree pruning and forest maintenance machine that easily connects to your basic machinery? Then the GMT 035 felling grapple of Gierkink Machine Techniek is probably what you have been waiting for. Easy working The GMT 035 felling grapple is easily connectable to your basic machine for example a forwarder,…

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Used cranes for sale

Find the crane you are you looking for at Pfeifer Heavy Machinery. We have used cranes for sale of high quality, for a good price and from top brands. At Pfeifer Heavy Machinery we sell used cranes to various industries like construction, scrapyards, rental companies and traders. Many cranes for sale There are many types and sizes when it…

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PET bottle and shampoo bottles: the definition of PET

PET shampoo bottles and a PET bottle are very popular. This counts for the whole world. So what is PET and what is it used for? First of all PET is polyethylene terephthalate. This is a plastic resing and it’s the most common type of polyester. Most commonly it’s used as a safe plastic for…

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