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Tree pruning

Are you ready for an all-in-one solution for tree pruning and forest maintenance machine that easily connects to your basic machinery? Then the GMT 035 felling grapple of Gierkink Machine Techniek is probably what you have been waiting for.

Easy working

The GMT 035 felling grapple is easily connectable to your basic machine for example a forwarder, skidder, tractor, crane, truck or telehandler. there are no extra hydraulic lines and / or electric cables needed. With the felling grapple your basic machine is ready to prune and maintain forests safely and efficiently.

All in one possibilities

With the all in oneGMT 035 felling grapple it is possible to safely prune, saw, top, grub, remove or shred trees and branches in just one pass. But you can also use the felling grapple for:

  • maintenance of public green and streams;
  • tree maintenance;
  • cleaning up after a storm;
  • tree surgery;
  • harvesting biomass;
  • and removing entire trees.

Safe and efficient tree pruning

Gierkink Machine Techniek has made tree pruning safer, faster and more efficient. The felling grapple GMT 035 is designed to execute labour from floor level from the cabin of your basic machine. The strong felling grapple holds the tree firmly during the pruning process. When ready, the grapple easily transports all wood materials to the transport vehicle.

More information about tree pruning

Would you like to know more about tree pruning, felling, shredding and transportation wiithout investing in a expensive one purpose forestry machine again? Please feel free to contact us.

Tree pruning

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