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Vacuum handling

Vacuum handling enables you to handle heavy loads with the use a vacuum. Aerolift has vacuum handlers for all kinds of loads, like concrete, paperrolls or metal. With Aerolift vacuum lifters, your options handling are practically endless. Next to lifting loads you can rotate, turn and move your load with exact precision and without damage to the load.

Why vacuum handling is a uniquely powerful tool

For lifting a special suctionpad is placed on the load. A pump sucks out the air between the suctionpad and the material, thus creating a vacuum. The vacuum is an extremely strong ‘glue’ that makes it possible to safely lift and turn loads up to 80 tons.

5 good reasons for vacuum handling

Vacuum handling offers you the following benefits:

  • It is easy and fast;
  • It increased handling productivity;
  • employable in high temperature areas;

and also,

  • no damage to loads;
  • reliable;
  • very safe;
  • and comply with NEN-EN 13155 industry standards.

Choose for safety and reliability

Vacuum handling, in many cases, is a safer technology than conventional handling systems. Unlike conventional techniques using slings, chains and hooks, an Aerolift vacuum lifter continuously monitors the safety status. The operator is able to read the vacuum value at all times. Moreover, as soon as the vacuum level drops below 80%, the lifter emits a very clear visual and audio signal. Even then the operator still has serveral minutes to safely lower the load to floor level.

Industries for vacuum handling

Aerolift supplies its products to a wide range of industries, including the concrete industry, paper industry, metal industry, offshore industry, transfer companies, piping, tunnel drilling, wind turbines, timber industry and glass industry. The vacuum lifters of Aerolift are also used in large-scale construction projects such as housing, utility construction, stadium building and tunnel construction.

Would you like to know more about Aerolift vacuum handling?

For more information on vacuum handling please contact Aerolift customer service. Based on Aerolift’s highly advanced, specialist product knowledge, we are able to offer suitable solutions for any industrial application. Also for short rent.

Vacuum handling

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